I love the line from this corrupt DOJ lawyer turned felon who stated at his sentencing trial “I often lay awake at night and think about these actions, and I weep at the tragedy that I have brought on myself.”  No sir, you had a cushy $450k a year job and yet you were trying to shake down the very companies the taxpayers were formerly paying you to prosecute…because you wanted to “provide the material benefits I promised my family upon moving to Akin Gump — a new house in a better neighborhood and private school.”  Umm, dude you already lived on Dupont Circle which is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in D.C.  By the by, how does a DOJ lawyer even afford Dupont Circle???

The most serious and egregious example of public corruption by a DOJ attorney in recent memory.” 

This would seem to be a willful continued ignorance about all of the DOJ/FBI scandals currently unfolding…the affair between Peter Strozk and Lisa Page and their concomitant scheming around Hillary’s email case and Trump’s election, etc.  Let’s also not forget Mr. McCabe’s lying and abrupt ‘retirement’ from the FBI…

Let’s step back a moment though…”I weep at the tragedy that I have brought upon myself.”  Not the tragedy I’ve wrought upon my wife and kids through my felony conviction and having to withdraw from the bar, thus causing potential poverty for them.  Nor the tragedy of the whistleblowers that you exposed to retaliation by revealing their names to their employers.  Nor the disgrace you have brought down upon your family and former colleagues…no sir, it was all about you.  More than anything, this narcissistic statement is what leaped out at me.  Alongside it, the $450k a year job that didn’t provide ‘enough’ wealth to live the lifestyle he obviously thought he deserved.  Yes, your “life is over.”  At least as you conceived it in the grandeur of your mind.

Read the whole story here.

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