Before the House Intelligence memo’s release, Schiff on the left and many of the usual warmongers on the right (like McCain) were making noises that releasing the memo would expose “sources and methods” that would allow America ‘enemies’ to know what was going on.  Clearly, this was just one more attempt to keep the malfeasance of the FBI, DOJ and the larger intel community from being exposed for what it has done (or hasn’t done).

This proof of what I’m saying is right on the declassified memo.  Look at the top of the page (or bottom) of the actual memo, not the cover letter with the president’s justification and legal authority to do so.  Note that the words TOP SECRET/NOFORN has been redacted (lined out).  What’s NOT THERE is the important part–and that is, if sources and methods were involved it would have read TOP SECRET/SCI followed by any number of additional caveats (caveats here are the words/letters that follow the classification designation and relate to whom the information can be released).  The lack of an SCI caveat from the declassified memo means that absolutely NO SOURCES OR METHODS are in the document as if it were, the SCI caveat would have been present.

For those not in the know, SCI stand for secured compartmentalized information.  What lies in each compartment is the source or method used to collect that information.  For instance, satellite imagery might be in a compartment and a radio intercept in another.

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